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A sofa is a significant investment because it takes up huge space and costs a lot of money. Therefore, it is imperative for your decision to be back by thorough research, wherein you explore every aspect of this furniture. Some brands, like Nilkamal Sofas, stand out due to their multiple advantages and good value. Buying a sofa set on EMI from an online shopping mall like Bajaj Mall also helps reduce the financial burden. 

So, why are brands like Nilkamal sofa a perfect choice for your home? Some reasons that justify the positive reputation of such brands are discuss as follows:

Durable frame

The frame serves as the skeleton of the sofa – not only does it provide structure, but also has a direct bearing on the life span of the set. While a strong frame constructed out of hardwood spells durability, those made of soft-woods, plastic, or metal are like to buckle under pressure over a period of time. Budget notwithstanding, the onus is on you to pick a sofa that can withstand the average load, which is typical of your home without warping, wobbling, or cracking. 

Rather than compromise on the frame for the sake of making a down payment. A better option would be to buy a sofa set on EMI on the Bajaj Mall and enjoy the goodness of durable furniture for many long years to come.  

Variety of colours and patterns

Because a sofa is meant to anchor the living room décor, aspects like colour and pattern assume a lot of importance. Most people opt for neutral colours and steer clear of patterns while choosing a set to be on the safe side. Not realizing that by doing so they might be missing a ground-breaking trend. Especially when there are brands such as Nilkamal that offer a wide range of colours and patterns, you might as well break the monotony by exploring options that add a splash of colour while exuding style. 

Choice of shape and size

How does the sofa look overall? The shape plays a crucial role in determining the ultimate appearance, and more importantly, it should contribute to the mood of the room. It is with this consideration in mind that brands like Nilkamal offer a variety of shapes. Wherein you can choose a homely shape for warmth, feminine lines to complement a soft décor, or an elegant shape to make a statement. 

Likewise, opt for a brand that offers sofas in various sizes. So that you have the freedom of picking either one that fills the space. Or mixes and match with several smaller units. Along with the shape and size, the dimensions should be proportionate to the living room space. So that the set comes across as being the perfect fit.  

Final thoughts

Since it is a sofa, comfort is the ultimate objective. And reputed brands like Nilkamal ensure this through durable joinery, hand-tied springs, and high-quality fillings. Joinery refers to the way that the corners are handle, and these should include dowels, screws, and blocks in addition to nails and glue. Likewise, hand-tied springs do not sag easily and a filling of firm foam provides the right density for the sofa to remain plump and comfortable for a long time. 

Finding the perfect sofa for your home is easy when you browse the various brands available on the Bajaj Mall. And use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to pay for the chosen set through equated monthly installments.  

Buying a sofa is a significant investment because it can be a huge addition to the design of your living room. Due to brands like Nilkamal. You can buy a sofa set on EMI on the Bajaj Mall. When you choose a Nilkamal sofa for your living room. You can be sure that the frame is strong enough to last for many years. Whether you want to break the rules or stay within them. There is a colour or pattern that will look great. The sofa’s shape and size are also important things to think about. Both should fit in with the rest of the furniture and decor in the room.

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